Our Strains

We’ve been hunting exclusive cuts of Colorado’s most sought-after cannabis varieties for over a decade. By working directly with some of the best breeders in the biz, unapologetically propagating only the most fire specimens and collecting and archiving our favorites along the way, we’re able to bring you hot and modern exotics alongside classics that will never go out of style.

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Sundays mean a lot a different things to a lot of different people, but most of us can agree that the best part about Sundays are the Mimosas! While its beverage counterpart is often reserved only for this day of rest and special occasions, our take on Mimosa by Symbiotic Genetics brings you all that uplifting, citrusy goodness, but can be enjoyed all day, er’ day. Goes great with coffee, eggs benedict and commanding views of the Flatirons. Be good.

Serving Suggestion: 1) Wake up 2) Pour directly into your fanciest glass 3) Enjoy!

*Not a significant source of Vitamin C

The Hindu Kush Mountains stretch five hundred miles through Afghanistan and Northern Pakistan, creating a formidable border between the two countries. At 7,708 meters (25,289 ft), Tirich Mir lays claim to its highest point, and the title of highest mountain in the world, outside of the Himalayas-Karakoram range. While our farm isn’t quite pushing the 8,000 meter zone, at 5,300 ft, we’re higher than most! That might be the reason our Quatro Kush comes out as kushy as kushy gets. We dedicate this one to Tirich Mir – the highest spot Kush has to offer. Be good.

It’s Diesel! “No, it’s Lemon!” “I think it’s mislabeled!” –  Lilac Diesel, by Ethos Genetics, has been a point of contention amongst strain nerds since it hit the streets. We’re not sure what to make of it either, but one thing’s for sure, this upbeat sativa is a house-favorite. We think it’s safe to say that our sunny greenhouse brings out heavy lemon notes which can almost overpower this strain’s secondary flavor: gas. Keep searching. It’s in there, you’ll find it. Be good.

Ethos Genetics is known far and wide for their terpene-soaked and notably loud versions of fan favorite varieties. We’re convinced that our take on their Crescendo RBX1, or Crescendo Cookies, as it’s known around the farm, has its volume set to 11. A slight hint of gas compliments its citrusy foundation. Of course, the crescendo and loudest part of this track is a classic cookies flavor finish. We’re talking 36 Chambers in ’93 / Wall of Sound in ’74 loud. Remember, if it’s too loud, you’re too old! Be good.

Wouldn’t you rather be on Island Time? Get transported to the tropics without leaving the comfort of your couch, or wherever you happen to be. A tried and true classic, our version of Golden Goat shines with a full array of tantalizing scents—sweet, sour and spicy—and a taste that comes through as zingy tropical fruit. Golden Goat’s upbeat, creative and socially energizing effects set the tone to rev you up for a luau party or a rejuvenating escape from the everyday rat race. Be good.

It’s legendary in more ways than we can count. When you get your hands on what’s been decreed “hands down the dopest dope,” buckle up. This extremely energizing variety brings a fruit-forward scent and a taste of pineapple (emphasis on the pine). With its long-lasting effects, what you do after you’ve had some Pineapple Express is up to you. You might be inspired to construct a joint of engineering wizardry, or maybe you’ll just feel “like a slice o’ butter … meltin’ on top of a big ol’ pile of flapjacks.” Pass the syrup and be good.   

This sticky, gassy classic is known for its relaxing and calming effects, but we think our take on Original Glue provides for a slightly more upbeat and euphoric mood. Maybe it’s the way the Colorado sun hits our little greenhouse, or maybe it’s the dramatic views of the Indian Peaks Range that makes all the difference. Whatever it is, we’re stuck on this one and we think you will be too. Be good.

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